Why choose chauffeured luxury car
rental over self-drive car rental

Traveling is always enjoyable when you’re open to the experience. Noori’s chauffeured luxury car rental service has years of experience learning of what makes and breaks an otherwise beautiful trip, and we have a myriad of advice for travellers. One of the most important things we’ve learned over the years is why it’s so vital to choose the correct method of transportation. Unless you’re driving your own car into the city, you’ll need to consider transportation once you arrive. Our professional chauffeurs have learned that many people prefer to spend their time hiring a professional chauffeured luxury car rental company rather than a self-drive rental car, and with many very valid reasons.

It is time-saving

One thing you might not know about transportation in the form of a self-drive car rental is how much time it takes you to bother with it. It takes time to choose a car, to take a bus to the rental car properties at the airport, to stand in line, to provide all the necessary information, and to do many other things. By the time you drive off in your rental, you’ve spent the better part of an hour of your time. Now you have to add another hour to your return trip to drop off the car, sign paperwork, turn in keys, and find the bus that takes you back to the airport. It’s a serious hassle for many people. You can just save time by skipping this part of the travel process.

Driving in Unfamiliar Territory

There’s nothing as dangerous as a nervous driver, or one who is spending too much time searching GPS locations, playing with their navigation system, or looking at sights rather than watching the road. When driving in Hyderabad, traffic is often quite bad. People who aren’t comfortable driving in this kind of traffic are often nervous and provide more danger on the road than anything else.


If for no other reason than to avoid finding parking when you’re in Hyderabad, you might want to hire a professional chauffeured car rental company to take you where you want to go when you’re in the city. Parking is not always possible here, and it’s certainly something you’ll struggle with if you’re not familiar with this type of congestion.


Traveling is about luxury and amazing experiences, and that’s what makes Noori’s car service so spectacular. Our professional chauffeurs are wonderful behind the wheel, they know the city, and you never need to find a parking spot to enjoy a night out or a decadent brunch. The only thing you must do is spend a few hours being driven around, enjoying the sights, and relaxing in a luxury car.

Self-drive cars are fine for some, but it is chauffeured luxury car services that make a trip even more glamorous. It’s faster, it saves time at the airport, and it gives you more time to enjoy where you are rather than bothering with the details of your trip. Let Noori Travels help you enjoy your time in the city.